What is 'COSKABEJG - Nanoha'

'COSKABEJG - Nanoha' is live wallpaper of Nanoha - Japanese model.

Using the data from 'NANOTORECA'

Default image are 9 pictures.

By installing 'NANOTORECA', you can view 324 type of images.


If NANOTORECA has been installed, then the following functions are available.

- Album selection

- Favorites feature

Stealth mode

Stealth mode is the ability to temporarily hide the image.

When you tap the position you have set, current images be hidden, alternative image will be displayed.

How to set live wallpaper
  1. Push [menu] button
  2. Tap [Wallpaper]
  3. Tap [Live wallpapers]
  4. Tap [COSKABEJG - Nanoha]
  5. Tap [Set wallpaper]
How to switch image

Image will change when you tap the wallpaper.

Link to Google Play(View in a browser)

COSKABEJG - Nanoha - Google Play

Link to Google Play(Launch Market Application)

COSKABEJG - Nanoha - Google Play(Market Application)